Your home is a sacred place and we want to keep it that way by only providing the highest quality of oils, butters, and waxes in our products.

Artisan soap

Vegan artisan soap made with essential oils 

    Ethically Sourced Crystals


    Authentic Natural Crystals 

    • Artisan Soap

      Our luxurious vegan-friendly products are free from palm oil and do not contain any nasty or unnecessary ingredients.

    • Luxury Candles

      Our Candles are made with luxury wax blends such as coco apricot crème, beeswax, & beeswax coco crème that are infused with natural essential oils & phthalate free fragrance oils.

    • Crystals

      Ethically sourced healings crystals each handpicked and cleansed to help you connect to your higher self and help you along your journey.