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Titanium Aura Obsidian mini spheres

Titanium Aura Obsidian mini spheres

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This listing is for (1) mini titanium aura obsidian sphere

Titanium Aura Obsidian is created when Black Obsidian is bonded with Titanium in a permanent treatment. Grounding, purification, and vibrant strength: these are the gifts of Titanium Aura Obsidian. This gem is a powerful tool.

Dimensions: .62” inches 

Black Obsidian has been used to connect the spiritual world to the physical one and is popular in many communities across the globe for its metaphysical properties. Whether you’re looking to add some feng shui into your living space or need a little something extra to bring you back down to earth, black obsidian is the stone for you.


The black obsidian healing properties that are most prominent are its ability to cleanse and ground. It is rooted in the base chakras and has a strong connection to the earth. This makes it the perfect grounding force and is often used to achieve feng shui in homes. It is said to draw the negativity out and into the earth where it is neutralized. Its strong connection to earth and to nature make it the ideal stone for tapping into other spiritual realms and unlocking their potential.



The metaphysical and healing properties outlined in this website are for reference. In no way are they meant to replace diagnosis or treatment by a qualified therapist or physician.

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