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Polished top Sodalite

Polished top Sodalite

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This listing is for (1) Sodalite polished top sides and bottom are rough 

average dimensions: 2.67” - 3” inches

This beautiful Sodalite Point is the stone of truth and empowers you to speak your truth in the pursuit of wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Your Sodalite Power Point comes with a flat (cut) base so it stands upright easily.

- Sodalite opens and balances your throat chakra.
- Restores or enhances your ability to communicate.
- Enhances the pursuit for knowledge, truth, and understanding.

Throat Chakra:
- The Throat Chakra is very highly influenced by Lapis Lazuli.
- Use Sodalite to balance your Throat Chakra if you're having difficulty expressing yourself, if you're afraid to speak, if you're allowing others to dominate you verbally, or if you're avoiding conflicts.

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