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Hessonite Garnet w/ Diopside & Clear quartz

Hessonite Garnet w/ Diopside & Clear quartz

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This listing is for (1) Hessonite Garnet Sphere 

This Hessonite Sphere has Diopside and Clear Quartz inclusions.

Dimensions: 2.21” inches (56mm) 

Hessonite Garnet is just one of the many stones that belong to the family of Garnet. This semi-precious stone is known for its reddish to warm yellow tones. Similar to other popular stones, Hessonite Garnet has been also used for hundreds of years. In fact, many people used it as a stone for prosperity, happiness, and even for good health.

Diopside is a stone of eternal enlightenment and healing, providing one pure restorative energy for each and every lifetime they endured. The building blocks of life force energy reside within Diopside and are part of the reason why spiritual practitioners adore the energy it outputs. The vibratory effects resonate deep within our soul, penetrating the limits our mind can no longer comprehend. It is within this layer of our being which houses the past life experience we’ve absorbed and have been a part of.

Clear Quartz Amplifies your intentions and of those crystals around it. 

Spheres send energy in all directions. Moving them around in your hands can help you attune to the energy of the crystal and provide a sense of peace.

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