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Dragon Bloodstone stretch bracelet 8mm

Dragon Bloodstone stretch bracelet 8mm

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Dragons Bloodstone  stretch bracelet


size approximately 7”inches

Please note the stone shade, color, and pattern may vary since we are working with genuine stones no two are alike.

Listing is for ONE bracelet.


Wearing jewelry made from Dragons Blood Jasper is a good way of keeping the energies and vibrations of this powerful stone within your aura all day.

This crystal is perfect for anyone who is struggling to assert themselves and to use their personal power wisely. It helps with feelings of victimhood or martyrdom, encouraging you to look at your own strengths and weaknesses objectively and without self-criticism. It allows you to look at the behavior, actions and words of others in an equally objective way, without judgment.

Dragonstone is excellent for clearing the subtle and emotional bodies of stress, negative thought patterns, self-pity and anxiety. It keeps you centered and grounded no matter what the situation and ushers in positive, joyful, optimistic vibrations to lift your mood and spirits.

**Precious and semi-precious gemstones have been used since ancient times for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing properties.

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