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Blue Calcite Sphere

Blue Calcite Sphere

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Blue Calcite are third eye chakra stones that help you to develop psychic giftssuch as clairvoyance.

They may help pain, can boost inspired thinking and are excellent stones to help you if you have writer's block.


approximately 2.12”inches (54mm)

Blue Calcite is all about recuperation, relaxation, and relief. This marbled blue stone connects the throat to the third eye chakra, fostering peaceful communication and thoughts. There is no time for mental flurries when it comes to Blue Calcite. Its calming effect slows your intellect so that you may enjoy the moment through feeling. Communicating with others can bring better understanding when the mouth and mind are aligned. Blue Calcite is a great stone when you need to reflect and recharge after a difficult situation or in uncertain circumstances. 

Spheres send energy in all directions. Moving them around in your hands can help you attune to the energy of the crystal and provide a sense of peace.

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