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Agate Tumbled

Agate Tumbled

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This listing is for (1) Agate tumbled approximately 1 inch 

Agate helps you decide where to direct more or less of your energy, and then encourages you to come up with a plan to bring your life back into balance. Whenever you feel pulled in too many directions or find yourself dividing your energy in a way that doesn’t feel right, tap into the Agate crystal meaning to get centered on what’s most valuable to you and re-align your priorities.  

When you feel overwhelmed or out of balance, coming back to the Agate crystal healing properties remind you what balance feels like so you can work toward achieving that in all aspects of your life. Not only does it bring you back into balance, but the Agate crystal meaning also helps you identify what is most important to you on a deeper level so you can live in alignment with your values. 

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